Ages 18 months to 35 months

Our toddler rooms are designed to allow the toddlers to move and explore their world. We offer a multitude of activities to promote language development, fine and large motor development, social development and cognitive development. We offer a lot of hands on with toddlers like cuddling, soft play and caring activities to create an environment of security and trust.
  • Toddlers are in small groups so that individual needs can be met. As well as cuddling, playing and soothing.
  • Activities for toddlers will include art, music, stories, blocks, climbing, manipulative's, cars, discovery, self help skills and outdoor play.
  • Consistency of care is stressed with the toddlers. They will stay with the same teachers for 18 months. The continuity of care creates a more positive and learning environment for the toddler.
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